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Voltage Rating
Temp Rating
Conductor OD
Cable OD
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Typical Part Number
M27500 - 22 SD 3 T 23
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Specification Number
2 Table 1: Identification method
and shield coverage
3 Conductor Size
4 Table 2: Basic wire specifications
5 Number of conductors
6 Table 3: Shield style
7 Table 4: Jacket style
# of Conductors:
Typical Shield:
Typical Jacket:
Required Part Number:
When an unshielded cable, or a cable with
a minimum shield coverage of 85% is required,
Code Description
- Standard Stripes with 85% Shield
F Special Stripes with 85% Shield
A Standard Solids with 85% Shield
G Special Solids with 85% Shield
B Band Marking with 85% Shield
K Printed Numbers with 85% Shield
L Printed Numbers with 85% Shield
P Band Marking and Stripes with 85% Shield
S Color Bands with 85% Shield
U Custom Color per Customer with 85% Shield
When a minimum shield coverage of 90% is required,
C Standard Stripes with 90% Shield
H Special Stripes with 90% Shield
D Standard Solids with 90% Shield
J Special Solids with 90% Shield
E Band Marking with 90% Shield
M Printed Numbers with 90% Shield
N Printed Numbers with 90% Shield
R Band Marking and Stripes with 90% Shield
T Color Bands with 90% Shield
V Custom Color per Customer with 90% Shield
Basic wire description
CA: M22759/13
CB: M22759/14
CC: M22759/15
E: M22759/2
EA: M22759/1
JA: M25038/1
JB: M22759/28
JC: M22759/29
JD: M22759/30
JE: M22759/31
JF: M25038/3
LE: M22759/9
LH: M22759/10
ME: M81044/6
MH: M81044/9
MJ: M81044/10
ML: M81044/12
MM: M81044/13
MR: M81381/7
MS: M81381/8
MT: M81381/9
MV: M81381/10
MW: M81381/11
MY: M81381/12
NA: M81381/13
NB: M81381/14
NE: M81381/17
NF: M81381/18
NG: M81381/19
NH: M81381/20
NK: M81381/21
NL: M81381/22
RA: M22759/3
RB: M22759/4
RC: M22759/11
RE: M22759/12
SA: M22759/7
SB: M22759/32
SC: M22759/33
SD: M22759/34
SE: M22759/35
SM: M22759/41
SN: M22759/42
SP: M22759/43
SR: M22759/44
SS: M22759/45
ST: M22759/46
TA: M22759/8
TE: M22759/16
TF: M22759/17
TG: M22759/18
TH: M22759/19
TK: M22759/20
TL: M22759/21
TM: M22759/22
TN: M22759/23
VA: M22759/5
WA: M22759/6
WB: M22759/80
WC: M22759/81
WE: M22759/82
WJ: M22759/86
WK: M22759/87
WL: M22759/88
WM: M22759/89
WN: M22759/90
WP: M22759/91
WR: M22759/92
Single Shield Material Double Shield Shield Material Temperature
U No Shield - No Shield -
T Single Tin-coated V Double Tin-coated copper round 150°C
S Single Silver-coated copper round W Double Silver-coated copper round 200°C
N Single Nickel-coated copper round Y Double Nickel-coated copper round 260°C
F Single Stainles Steel round Z Double Stainless Steel round 400°C
C Single Nickel-clad copper round R Double Nickel-clad copper round 400°C
M Single Silver-coated HSCA round K Double Silver-coated HSCA round 200°C
P Single Nickel-coated HSCA round L Double Nickel-coated HSCA round 260°C
G Single Silver-coated copper flat A Double Silver-coated copper flat 200°C
H Single Silver-coated HSCA flat B Double Silver-coated HSCA flat 200°C
* Single Nickel-coated copper flat # Double Nickel-coated copper flat 260°C
J Single Tin-coated copper flat D Double Tin-coated copper flat 150°C
E Single Nickel-coated HSCA flat X Double Nickel-coated HSCA flat 260°C
I Single Nickel-chromium alloy flat Q Double Nickel-chromium alloy flat 400°C
Single Jacket Double Jacket Jacket Material Temperature
0 0 No Jacket -
1 51 Extruded white PVC 90°C
2 52 Extruded clear polyamide 105°C
3 53 White polyamide braid impregnated with clear polyamide finisher over a polyester tape 105°C
4 54 Polyester braid impregnated with high temperature finishers over polyester tape 150°C
5 55 Extruded clear FEP 200°C
6 56 Extruded or taped and heat sealed white PTFE 260°C
7 57 White PTFE treated glass braid impregnated and coated with PTFE finisher over preinserted PTFE tape 260°C
8 58 Cross linked white extruded PVF2 150°C
9 59 Extruded white FEP 200°C
10 60 Extruded clear PVF2 125°C
11 61 Tape of natural polyimide combined with FEP wrapped and heat sealed with polyimideouter surface 200°C
12 62 Tape of natural polyimide combined with FEP wrapped and heat sealed with polyimideouter surface 200°C
14 64 Extruded white ETFE 150°C
15 65 Extruded clear ETFE 150°C
16 66 Braid of aromatic polyamide with high temperature finisher over preinserted PTFE tape 200°C
17 67 White extruded ECTFE 150°C
18 68 Clear extruded ECTFE 150°C
20 70 Extruded white PFA 260°C
21 71 Extruded clear PFA 260°C
22 72 Tape of polyimide combined with clear FEP wrapped and heat sealed with opaque polyimide outer surface 200°C
23 73 White crosslinked extruded modified ETFE(XL-ETFE) 200°C
24 74 Tape layer of white PTFE wrapped over a tape layer of natural polyimide combined with FEP heated and fused 260°C